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Learning About Shamanism Practices

Learning About Shamanism Practices Posted on September 26, 2014

Shamanism is a healing tradition and a way of life dedicated to connecting with nature and spirit. Shamans are able to balance the flow of energy between the physical and spiritual worlds using altered states of consciousness. The practice of Shamanism is found in many different cultures around the world and each Shaman’s beliefs reflect his/her own culture. However, there are a few beliefs all Shamans share, including:

  • All things are alive

  • Matter and energy are the same thing

  • Everything in existence is connected

  • The unseen, spiritual realm affects the physical, visible realm

Shamans are also the spiritual leaders of tribal communities and serve as spiritual counselors to individuals.

Community Leaders

The Shaman serves as a mediator between the spirits and the community. As community spiritual leaders, they create and lead ceremonies honoring elders and nature spirits to order to maintain the community’s spiritual health.

Counseling Individuals

The Shaman gathers information about spiritual or underlying causes of mood and relationship problems from the spirit world while in an altered state of mind. He/She then uses this information to select or create proper remedies in the physical world.

During a healing, a Shaman may:

  • Change or balance the flow of energy

  • Remove spiritual blockages

  • Retrieve or banish a lost soul


Shamans also use divination to enhance the individual’s understanding of themselves and the decisions they may face. Shamans use divinatory tools reflecting their culture and community. These tools can range from Tarot cards and Runes to dreams and scrying (gazing).

Learn Shamanism

If you are drawn to the practice of Shamanism and seek a deeper relationship with spirit, LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine provides specialized training programs.

The greatest benefit gained through studying Shamanic practices is a deeper understanding of yourself. Shamanic practices can reawaken a long suppressed self awareness that modern society has little time or room for. You may rediscover the inner peace of a well balanced spiritual life.

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