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Logistics: Asset Management, Warehousing, and Distribution in Charlotte, NC

Logistics: Asset Management, Warehousing, and Distribution in Charlotte, NC Posted on October 27, 2015

With many companies choosing to store assets offshore, it is becoming increasingly important to use technology to locate and assess your assets quickly. Logistics is a growing subset of the moving industry, and the technology that makes it easy to pinpoint assets, are being offered by many movers who make it a priority to offer peace of mind to clients, regardless of their individual needs and specific circumstances.

Inventory Management and Control
There is a growing demand for technology that allows clients to track their assets in storage in real-time, and movers throughout the Charlotte area are developing their business to include professional logistics and asset management services that allow businesses and individual clients to be in control of their local and global assets.

These typically include some of the following features:

* Management of inventory
* Inventory control
* Project management
* Asset security
* Storage, both local and global
* Asset cataloging and tracking
* Installation
* Liquidation
* Order tracking, receiving, and consolidation

Clients with locally and globally stored assets would do well to contact a professional local company that offers services in the way of logistics. Charlotte, NC moving agencies are committed to providing the highest quality of inventory management, control, security and consolidation.

Warehousing, Distribution and Storage
Professional movers based in Charlotte, NC have often spent time building a network of partners throughout the nation, or even worldwide. This means that they can help you to gain access to your stored assets, or track them in real time, without hassle.

Many movers have expanded their businesses in order to provide services such as warehouse storage for their clientele. They are capable of handling warehousing of assets, as well as distribution and storage, and other logistics. Charlotte, NC-based moving agencies provide floor, vault, and rack storage, and work hard to ensure that even large-scale projects are handled with professionalism and efficiency.

Some of the specialized logistics services provided by movers include:

* Inventory control through the use of bar codes
* Cataloging, tagging, reporting, and receiving
* Quality assurance
* In-house assembly
* Inside delivery
* Rush deliveries
* Climate-controlled and fireproofed storage
* Monitored security, 24/7
* Asset access for clients

Keep your assets safe and secure by requesting a warehousing quote from a local moving agency that is knowledgeable about logistics. Professional movers serving Charlotte, NC are committed to providing their clients with monitored, controlled storage environments for their assets.

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