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Maintaining Optimal Oral Health with a Skillful Dentist

Maintaining Optimal Oral Health with a Skillful Dentist Posted on December 2, 2014

At Petreikis L D DDS, dental patients get all-inclusive oral care for any need concerning the teeth, gums and jaw. Routine oral exams is a safeguard regimen that protects against the progression of oral diseases, cavities and gum disease. One critical procedure that detects dental maladies are x-rays. X-rays uncover signs of enamel decay and bone loss. It detects abnormalities like tumors, cysts and oral cancer. Oral x-rays scrutinize the gums to show developing symptoms of periodontal disease. This disease gets seriously worse when left untreated. The dentist conducts manual exams that check the condition of fillings and crowns. All external parts of enamel is examined to look for signs of decay.

Here is how professional cleanings differ from brushing at home. These type of cleanings have the power to remove calculus or tartar. Tartar is a toughened form of plaque that adheres to the teeth. It develops under and above the gum-line. Industrial dental tools is the only way to remove it. This kind of plaque may or may not be seen and discomfort is unlikely. Chances are that build up of hardened plaque can only be spotted by the dentist.

Even when the actual health of teeth is good, there might be room for cosmetic improvements. There are many reasons teeth end up not being their whitest. Some causes of blemishing are frequent consumption of dark wines, coffee and soda. Those who would like to see sparkling white teeth when they look in the mirror are good candidates for Zoom! whitening. It’s a safe oral bleaching procedure that produces marvelous results. Zoom! whitening has unwavering effects on the teeth with the highest rate of favorable outcomes. Other procedures and home treatments have a hit or miss response. Zoom! whitening produces instant results that last.

Here’s what to expect during the Zoom! procedure. The patient gets a thorough cleaning to remove existing plaque. Protective eyewear is worn so the eyes aren’t exposed to halide light. Another protective agent is spread over surface enamel to mitigate sensitivity. Whitening gel is applied. The job of the halide light is to stimulate the gel. The light can treat all teeth at once making duration of the procedure quick. The gel is applied about 3 times in fifteen minute increments. Visible changes are immediate and last enduringly when consummate oral hygiene is practiced. Visit Petreikis L D DDS for more information.

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