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Phases of Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatments

Phases of Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatments Posted on March 7, 2018

The literal meaning of “panchakarma” is five karmas. The process is a set of five methods used to flush out the toxins that accumulated in the body. It’s a complex technique to get rid of toxins. An Ayurvedic practitioner determines the method for everyone based on their constitution, physical condition, and the season.


Prior to the actual panchakarma ayurvedic treatment, there is what is called purvakarma. The word literally means preceding the karma. During this stage, the physician will give specific instructions to the individual to help them prepare for the actual treatment. It takes about seven days to get the body in a state to receive treatments.

Five Karmas

There are five karmas involved in the panchakarma ayurvedic treatment process. They only begin once the purvakarma is complete. Here are the five karmas:

  • Vamana – emesis therapy or vomiting is administered for cleansing of upper gastro including stomach and thoracic area including lungs .
  • Virechana – purgation therapy is applied to relieve excess bile from the gall bladder, small intestine and liver.
  • Basti – enema therapy is useful for flushing out the intestinal tract mainly Colon and rectum. There are many kinds of enemas and they are good remedies for many disorders.
  • Nasya – nasal therapy is administered to rid problems that affect the ear, eyes, nose and throat. Helps in stress management and getting rid of shoulder problems.
  • Raktha Moksha – removing toxins from the bloodstream. Done only to certain conditions where it’s necessary.

Post – Treatment

After all the selected therapies in the panchakarma ayurvedic treatment have been completed, there is paschatkarma. This is essential for helping the body reset a normal immunity and metabolism. Post treatment procedures help normalize digestion. It will take a few days before the individual is ready to return to a normal diet. Foods must be slowly re-introduced.
Rejuvenation therapy, or rasayana chikitsa includes administering preparations to help restore the body’s vitality and energy. Following the panchakarma ayurvedic treatment, individuals will need to establish a daily routine to normalize their lives and balance it with the seasons.

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