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The Importance of Signage in the Hospitality Business

The Importance of Signage in the Hospitality Business Posted on March 7, 2018

For the typical hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or other hospitality provider, signage is critically important. Without proper outdoor signage, customers cannot find their way to the location to become paying guests. With that being the very essence of a hospitality provider’s business, it’s top priority to have appropriate signage for potential customers to find their way home for the night!

Keeping It Visible

The visibility of your hospitality signage is extremely important. Where your signs are positioned and how they can be seen and read from the roads nearby are deciding factors in how readily available your information is to potential customers.

One way to ensure this visibility is by choosing bright, bold lighting for your signs. LED lighting and digital displays are one way to do this. LED lighting is known to cut through the elements and stand out at night with excellent brightness, as well as for being visible from a distance, even in daylight. If you’re looking for an option for visibility in signage, LED lighting is the ideal choice!

Keeping Up with the Competition

Competition is a given in the hospitality business, especially in major urban areas or those near tourist attractions. Today’s hotels rely on hospitality digital signage to broadcast catchy phrases, exciting images and enticing specials to passing motorists. By using a digital sign, dates, rates and specials can be updated regularly. For customers on the move and looking for a place to stay on short notice – as is often the case in the hospitality business – this is critical.

Are you interested in hospitality digital signage for your hotel, resort or other location? Contact AD Systems at 888-440-2531 for more information about the many varieties of signage available, and how they can make a positive influence on your bottom line!

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