Plumbers in Mountain Top, PA Offer Video Inspection Services

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Plumbing

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Today, plumbing companies are using video inspection methods as well as trenchless pipe restoration to save customers money and provide added convenience. This type of approach enables plumbing specialists to repair drains and sewer lines without the need for a major excavation.

How the Video Equipment Records Images

So, if you need to have your drain or sewer line repaired, you can count on plumbers in Mountain Top, PA to restore your pipes with minimal disruption. Vehicles are equipped with video inspection cameras that can record images to a flash drive or DVD for evaluation purposes.

Eliminating the Need for Excavation

For bigger plumbing jobs, plumbers use the main line pan-and-tilt tractor camera, which is a device that can inspect pipes that range from five inches to 30 inches wide and up to 950 feet long. If a section of pipe needs repair, then a plumbing service can supply trenchless pipe restoration. This innovative method does away with excavations that involve foundations, landscaping, roads, and similar structures.

Instead of digging, plumbers use cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) that uses Nu Flow technology. Nu Flow technology bypasses any intrusion of roots, stops the formation of leaks, and supplies structural integrity to pipes without the need to dig.

A Better Way to Realize Results

As a result, companies such as Draintech Inc. receive an elevated response in customer satisfaction. In fact, companies of this caliber are always seeking technological ways to provide cost-efficient solutions. By focusing on the new technologies that are available, they can better enhance the customer service experience.

So, if you believe that your drain or sewer line is in need of repair, make sure that the plumbers you hire are well-versed in the latest technologies. When plumbers keep up to date in this respect, any repairs that are made will be more accurate as well as improve your overall experience. Video inspection services are applicable to sewer and drain cleaning and the removal of clogs as well.

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