Points to Ponder Before Ordering More Business Cards in Orange County

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Digital Printing

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The current supply of Business Cards in Orange County is getting low, and that means the time is approaching to place a new order. Before deciding to stick with the current design, take the time to consider what some changes could mean. Here are a few things to think about and possibly change before placing that order.

Thicker Card Stock

More than one type of stock is used for Business Cards in Orange County. Would it make a difference to switch from a lighter to a heavier stock? Many people find that doing so helps the card to stand out from the rest. Certainly, a thicker card has a slightly different texture that makes it easier for people to notice when they are going through a stack of cards in search of a company that can provide something they need or want.

Changing the Fonts

The information included in the current card design is fine, but is it easy to read at a glance? Now would be a good time to take a second look at the font and the font size. What looks attractive at first glance may not be all that easy to read, especially if the font used happens to be some type of cursive script. Consider changing the font size and type so that the key information is easier to read without having to concentrate much.

How About a Different Shape?

There’s no rule that says a business card has to be rectangular. Consider trying a round, oval, or square card instead. Make sure the card will still fit into a file with ease so customers can still find it when they need to make a call. Remember that since the card is a different shape, it will visually stand out from the rest.

If the time to order new business cards is coming up soon, Visit us online and take a look at the styles, fonts, and other features that can be put to good use. It won’t take long to create a sample of the card and determine if the layout and features are just right.

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