The Electronic Det: Advantages And The Latest Technology

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Business

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Technology has continued to provide industries with new devices and productive methods to improve their overall operations. In terms of explosives and blasting technology, breakthroughs expand the capabilities of companies to continue their agenda. In mining, the more recent developments include computerized drilling and electronic det.

What Are Electronic Detonators

Electronic detonators as, the name implies, is a device requiring an electronic components to institute control over the detonation of the device at arm’s length. Even today, they have a basis in electrical wiring. Until the 1990s, powder produced the delay element essential to ensure employees safety but also responsible for inaccuracy of electronic detonators. As a result, although the concept originated in the 1960s, it was not until later with increasing miniaturization and improvements in technology that the process produced more accurate equipment and alternatives to improve the accuracy and capabilities of the electronic detonators. These newer developments made it possible to construct such things as a sequential blasting machine. By 2000, many companies were producing an item that was expensive at the time.

The Latest Technology and Electronic Detonators

Until recently, an embarked electronic clock has been responsible for the delay element in electronic detonators. This replaced the powder delay mechanism. The research of the period 1990 to 2000 has focused on developing either pre-programmed or programmable electronic detonators. An electronic det electronic det of this type would vastly improve accuracy. Moreover, they could provide a flexibility currently lacking in the system.

By employing a programmable electronic detonator, companies are better able to handle the choice of initiation timing. In mining, the introduction of such equipment could offer a vast improvement over the current one. A greater degree of accuracy would combine with shorter delays in complex initiation sequences. The result would be increased productivity and reduction in aggravation while improving safety.

Advantages of an Electronic Detonator

Electronic detonators, whether computerized or not, offer their industrial applications several advantages over alternative methods. These include:

* Greater rates of precision
* Improved blasting results
* Wide range of delays
* Reduction of air blast and/or ground vibration
* Safe use in extraneous electric environments
* Potential to regulate the amount of detonators per shot

To accomplish this successfully, the company needs to make sure whoever is using the device undergoes intensive and complete training. It also needs to make certain that the brand of detonator is completely compatible with the blasting machine. This is particularly valid with programmed detonators. Operators cannot mix and match the diverse brands and models in a single shot.

The Electronic Det

Detonators have come a long way. Originally, operators need to maintain a close proximity to the blasting machinery to set it off successfully. Different lengths of fuses, for example, then primitive boxes triggered the required explosion. Today, electronic devices are responsible for remote explosions. Onsite, operators can even program a detonator. Today, companies can even employ a wireless electronic det to increase employee safety while increasing accuracy and, therefore profitability – a win-win situation for everyone from the shareholders down to the workers.

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