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Preparations to Make Before Obtaining a Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma

Preparations to Make Before Obtaining a Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma Posted on November 8, 2016

A bail bond is an agreement signed by a criminal defendant or their representative that will guarantee the defendant will be present for all scheduled court appearances. Bail amounts are set by a magistrate or judge and will vary depending upon the type of crime the defendant is being charged with. With that being said, there is a bit of preparation that one must make before they obtain a bail bond in Midwest City Oklahoma.

Being freed from jail is usually the first thought that crosses a persons mind when they are arrested. This is especially true for someone who has everyday responsibilities such as jobs, homes and families. After finding out the amount of bail that has been set, it’s best to go ahead and contact a family member or friend who can assist with accessing the necessary funds required to post bond.

After the funds are secured through an outside resource, it is time to begin contacting bail bond agents in the local area. The bail bond agent will need to meet with someone at the jail in order to collect payment and process the bond. This must be done before the defendant can be released from jail. Most bail bond companies will accept payment via major credit card, debit card or cash.

Be prepared with all of the necessary information so the agent will be able to properly prepare the bond. The Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma will contain personally identifying information about the individual who was arrested. They will need to collect the full name of the defendant, their address, telephone number and social security number. It is also common practice for them to collect contact information for other close relatives or friends. This is useful in case the person were to break the bond agreement.

Once the bond is prepared, signed and paid for, the criminal defendant will be released from jail. The conditions of release will be plainly stated in the bond. Any missed court dates will result in bond revocation and the defendant will be arrested again. Once arrested, it is likely the individual will be held without bond for a period of time. Click here for more information about the bail bond process and what to expect when it becomes necessary to obtain one.

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