Preparing the HVAC in Tucson AZ for the Long Summer Season

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Plumbing

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Those who live in Arizona know just how hot it can get through the summer and just how long the summer months can seem. They also know just how miserable it can be for them to go without their HVAC in Tucson AZ because it’s stopped working. To prevent this, there are a number of steps the homeowner can take.

Preventative Maintenance

Before the summer arrives, it’s a good idea to contact a technician for a preventative maintenance check. The technician will check the entire HVAC system for any parts that are worn or broken so they can be replaced before the system is needed. The homeowner can also have them check the ducts for leaks to ensure all of the cool air will reach the home.

Change Filters Regularly

It’s important for the homeowner to change or clean the filters regularly. If they use disposable filters, they’ll want to write the date on the filter so they can easily see when they last changed it. It’s recommended for a home to have the filters changed monthly or every two months, but homes with pets may want to change the filter more frequently. If the homeowner has a filter they can clean and reuse, they’ll want to keep two on hand so they can use the spare when the original is drying. They’ll want to clean them at the same frequency as they would replace if they had replaceable ones.

Check the Airflow Around the Air Conditioners

One important aspect many homeowners don’t think about is the airflow around the HVAC system. Before the summer arrives, it’s a good idea to trim any bushes that might be growing around the air conditioner. This way, the air can easily flow around it and it doesn’t have to work as hard to make sure the home remains cool. Bushes should be at least two to four feet from the air conditioner, although the manual may state a certain distance recommended for that system.

Despite the caution and preventative maintenance, the HVAC in Tucson AZ can still fail. When this happens, they’ll want to have a technician arrive at their home quickly to make any necessary repairs. Contact us today to learn more about the services available or to request help for your HVAC system.

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