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Plating is an industrial process that is necessary for protecting metals that are used within modern structures and infrastructure. It is commonly applied as a covering on metals that have a conductive surface. While plating is typically used for metals; it is not just limited to this type of substance. It is also used for other materials such as polymers, plastics and on some woods. A plating company can provide this type of application for anyone in need.

Why is Plating Necessary

The plating process is used for a variety of reasons. First, it improves against the wear and tear of metal substances and then it hardens a surface. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor, improves solder application and can even reduce friction. All of these qualities are necessary for metal parts that are used in buildings and for infrastructure.

Plating also creates radiation shielding, improves reflectivity and it builds surfaces to thickness. Drilling platforms, sewage drainage pipes, and steel beams typically need this type of process to ensure durability. Some plating processes enhance the appearance of metals such as those commonly used for creating jewelry. Plating also makes metals resistant to wear while protecting them from certain chemicals or the elements.

Plating Process

There many different types of industrial plating processes that a plating company can provide. Here is a list of them.


Electroplating is the most common type of industrial plating process. It is used to make a surface thick. This process is carried out by sending an electric current through an electrolyte solution to strengthen a metal substance.

Electroless plating is another kind of this process and it is also known as chemical or auto-catalytic plating. This is a non-galvanic plating method and it involves several simultaneous reactions in an aqueous solution. Electricity is not needed for this type of plating process.

Gold plating

Gold plating is often used in electronics on circuit boards. This process makes a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer on top of copper. Gold plating is also used in jewelry application.

Silver plating

Silver plating is used to make less expensive versions dishes and silverware out of silver. This process helps to make silverware, kitchen utensils and dishes more affordable. It is also used for jewelry.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating is occasionally used on white gold, silver or copper, and it’s also used on various alloys.

Cadmium plating

Cadmium plating is often used in the aerospace industry and for aviation and military applications. Even though Cadmium Plating is used for many plating processes, it is now being phased out. This process is very toxic. Other types of industrial plating processes include zinc, copper, and chrome. Keep in mind that many consumer products such as cars, electronics and appliances typically have parts that have undergone some industrial plating process. A plating company, such as DeKalb Metal Finishing, will provide all of these services for industrial and commercial clients.

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