Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors in Albany, OR

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Roofing

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Owning a home does involve making sure the place is properly maintained. One of the more important tasks involves keeping the roof in stable condition. Since most homeowners have no more than a passing understanding of what it takes to take proper care of a roof, it pays to get help from one of the Roofing Contractors in Albany OR. Here are some questions to ask when and as the need arises.

How Often Should the Roof Be Checked?

At a minimum, most Roofing Contractors in Albany OR will recommend that a residential roof is inspected once a year. One approach is to schedule the inspection for the spring. That provides the opportunity to take care of any issues that developed during the winter months. Other homeowners prefer to schedule an inspection in the fall. This strategy helps to prepare the home for the cold and often rough weather that is to come.

There are other times when a quick check by a contractor is a wise move. For example, if heavy winds or hail move through the area, it never hurts to have a roofer take a look and see if any shingles were damaged or any of the flashing worked loose. It is not unusual for insurance companies to cover the cost of these types of inspections.

When Is It Time to Think About a New Roof?

There is no set time that any roof will last. Depending on the choice of materials and how well the roof is maintained, it is possible for it to last for as long as five decades.

A better gauge is how frequently repairs are necessary and how fast the materials seem to be deteriorating. If the homeowner notices that leaks or other problems seem to pop up every few months, it is time to think about a roof replacement.

Should a professional check the roof and find multiple issues to repair, it pays to get an estimate for the project. Compare that estimate to the cost of installing a new roof. If the installation would only cost a little more than the repairs, opting for the latter approach is a good move.

For homeowners who want to keep their roofs in great shape, look at more info here. Call a contractor and schedule an inspection today. If any work is needed, it is possible to schedule the repairs and ensure the roof remains sound.

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