Reasons To Consider Analytics Training In New York

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Education

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Data is everywhere, and more and more companies realize the benefits of analyzing that data. While it may seem overwhelming at first, when you learn about the process and learn about strategizing, you may understand how analytics training in New York can be beneficial for digital marketing and other industries. For one thing, you’ll be able to show clients and the company about ROI, but there are four reasons to consider such an education.

Marketing Channel

By choosing RSquare Edge, you’ll have a better understanding of what users do and why. You can focus on multiple marketing channels and determine the best strategies for marketing because of the analytical aspect. Therefore, you can learn how different strategies affect the users and which one may be most appropriate for your business (or that a variety of strategies work the best for you).

User Behaviors

It’s also important to understand how users interact with your websites. One user may go directly to your site because they’re familiar while another may do a search locally and click on yours from the search engine results.

You’ll also be able to determine which pages were viewed, how they got to those pages and what they searched for before finding your site. All of this data helps you determine how your customers behave and how they think, which can help you determine the right marketing and creation techniques, which is why analytics training in New York is beneficial.


Once you know more about your customer’s behavior, you can optimize the website for those demographics. For example, if most people are searching for particular terms before they come to your site, you can start incorporating those words to make it easier for people to find you first.

If most people reside in a particular city, state, or location, you may choose to have more traditional advertisements in those areas (such as commercials on television, newspaper adverts and more).


Analytics training in New York can also help you track and report your e-commerce insight. That way, you’ll be able to determine how many new customers you’re getting because of these new insights. In short, once you’ve optimized for your target audience, you’ll be able to determine how many consumers you’re converting to your brand instead of a competitor. RSquare Edge can help you by giving you the education you need with their 12-week boot camp.

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