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Reasons to Take AED Classes in Vancouver, WA

Reasons to Take AED Classes in Vancouver, WA Posted on October 16, 2019

Research performed by the American Heart Association shows that most cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital. The same organization indicates that if a bystander acts quickly and administers CPR or uses an automated external defibrillator (AED), the victim’s survival chances double. Read on to find out about some of the advantages of taking AED classes in Vancouver WA.

Time is of the Essence

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. The use of an AED should begin within three to five minutes of the incident. However, most of the time, emergency response personnel won’t be able to make it to the scene that fast. If bystanders are trained in the use of an AED, they may be able to save the victim’s life.

Stay Calm in an Emergency

Panicking won’t help anyone, but since the average American doesn’t know how to use an AED, panic is often the default response. Taking AED classes in Vancouver WA will let course attendees know exactly what to do when someone suffers a cardiac arrest. This knowledge makes it easier to remain calm and take immediate action.

Learn CPR Skills

CPR is another way to save someone’s life if he or she has suffered a cardiac arrest. It involves using a combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing to keep the victim alive until emergency responders arrive. Most AED classes also offer training in CPR.

Find Affordable Classes

Classes start at just $65 per person, which makes AED training an affordable option for just about anyone. Businesses and organizations that want to provide training for their staff can also take advantage of group discounts. Some emergency response training course participants attend with family members or friends, while others participate in on-site training at their jobs, but anyone can benefit from knowing how to use an AED.

The Bottom Line

The more people know how to use an AED and administer CPR, the better. There’s no way to predict when someone will suffer a cardiac arrest or how long it will take for emergency responders to arrive. Check out to learn how average Americans can learn the skills they need to save lives.

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