Regenerative Medicine How to Find Relief From Upper Back Pain in New Braunfels TX

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Pain Control Clinic

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If you are experiencing upper back pain in St. Louis, MO discomfort, then you cannot assume it is not a big deal. You have reason for concern when the pain lingers and must take pain medication. It also helps to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. Read on to find out how regenerative medicines In New Braunfels TX can help you find relief from the pain.

Avoid Surgery

Upper back pain in New Braunfels TX, causes discomfort around the spine between the neck and the bottom of the ribcage. This condition may cause numbness, pins-and-needles, tingling, and weakness. Regenerative medicine in New Braunfels TX, can stop your pain and possibly help with avoiding surgery.

Heal with Special Cells

The human body has an internal healing system. It uses special cells like mesenchymal stem cells and platelets to activate the healing process. Mesenchymal stem cells flourish in different areas of your body, including bone marrow. Platelets are found in your bloodstream. When an injury occurs, these cells move to the damaged tissues.

How Does It Work?

Regenerative medicine extracts platelets from your blood, and mesenchymal stem cells come from donors. These cells are injected into the damaged tissues in your back. They work by reducing the pain and healing the area. If you continue to get these injections, then you may avoid back surgery.

It helps to find out the root cause of your pain. You may need to make some lifestyle changes, like improving your posture. Contact QC Kinetix (New Braunfels) for a consultation today! Or View Testimonials.

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