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Removing Mice And Rats Using Non toxic Pest Control Methods

Removing Mice And Rats Using Non toxic Pest Control Methods Posted on February 13, 2020

For homeowners in rural areas of Australia or those living in the major cities, issues with mice and rats can create a health issue within a home. Not only are mice and rats smelly and unwelcome, they can also carry bacteria, viruses, and disease, which makes them a danger for families as well as to the structure.

Getting rid of mice and rats is not easy. Working with an exterminator trained in non-toxic pest control methods can effectively eliminate these populations without having to use poisons and potentially toxic and dangerous toxins.

Customized Solution

Using non-toxic pest control methods means creating a customized solution for your home. This begins with an inspection to determine where the rodents are traveling through the home, allowing for precision treatment along traveled pathways or corridors in the home and on the property.

In addition, the inspection determines the presence of any nesting sites and if there are specific areas where the problem is localized within the home. This is often areas where water is present, such as condensation on plumbing pipes or leaks in fixtures and pipes, as well as locations where food is attracting rodents.

Treating specific areas targets the rodent population. During the application of the treatment, people and pets should be out of the area, but this is typically for a short period time, and then all can return.

Using non-toxic pest control methods also includes preventing future problems. Addressing any areas where the rodents are entering the house from outside as well as removing any rodent friendly habitat in the backyard helps to reduce the chance of another infestation.

Mice and rats are both an annoyance as well as a potential health concern. Using non toxic pest control methods offered by Flick Pest Control provides a safe, effective solution.

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