Reviewing Features of the Outdoor Canopy

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Home and Garden

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Having a shaded space outdoors is a great thing to have and enjoy, especially when the sun is bearing down hard during those hot summer months. An outdoor canopy can accomplish task nicely for you. It can provide a sense of style to your backyard setting, while also providing you a shaded area to enjoy with your family and friends. There are various types of features to consider before purchasing your canopy.

Canopy Style

For those who prefer privacy, a canopy with shades or curtains is a great option. Some canopies include Roman shades that cover two sides of the canopy as well as its top. There are also various shapes you can consider, including rectangular, triangular, square and even hexagonal.

Canopy Size

Before purchasing an outdoor canopy , considering carefully the size you will need. This may depend on the size of your family or the number of anticipated guests you may have over at any one time for a get-together. There needs to be room enough for your door furniture and possibly other items you might decide to include. The canopy must be able to fit within the required space limitations at hand which may involve the size of your patio or deck space.

Canopy Cover

Will you use your outdoor canopy when it is raining or there are higher than normal wind conditions outside? Consider these questions, when making your selection. If you want a waterproof canopy that also offers UV resistance, then a polyester canopy with a vinyl coating provides a good choice.

The Frame

The canopy’s frame is probably the most important part of the structure. Framing usually consists of metal legs (sometimes plastic). Often the legs are adjustable and locked into place with pegs or anchors. Adjustable legs allow the canopy’s height to be adjusted according to your preference.


Portable canopies provide the user with a lot of flexibility. These structures can be set up and taken down fairly quickly. They can be moved from place to place and from event to event as needed. If you plan to move your canopy often, then a portable model may be the best option.

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