RV Carports Protect Your Investment

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Owning an RV is a lot of fun, and we do our best to care for our RV so it gives us years of fun and excitement. RVs are expensive, and for a few dollars more we can protect them with an RV sized carport. RV carports come in assorted styles and colors, and a wide variety of materials are available. They are easy to assemble, and today’s models stand up to even the harshest of weather conditions.


You can place a carport for your RV almost anywhere on your property, and they come in such a wide variety that matching your home’s exterior is easy. RV carports aren’t limited to just covering your RV. They cover boats, trucks, trailers, tractors, forklifts, storage or almost any vehicle or items that need protection from the weather. They are durable, and the non-corrosive metal frames are tough. The carport does away with expensive bulky tarps and ties, and provides better protection then cumbersome plastic sheeting.


Along with their economy, they come in a variety of styles. Most retailers carry metal and polyethylene varieties. All sizes are available, and the canopies are stylish. The barn style is a practical no fuss model, and the house shaped carport is more like a permanent structure. There is even a round style model, and it comes in attractive finishes and colors. These attractive garage alternatives, and they offer style and versatility. They are easy to move and maintenance free.

Construction and Materials

The carports come open-ended or with zippered doors for added protection. The polyethylene canopies come in different weights, and the frame metals come pre-drilled requiring few tools for easy construction. Anchors vary according to model, and most can be placed on any type of surface. Foot panels add stability, and the carports come down as easy as they go up. Total weights vary, but the average weight is just a bit over 600 pounds.

When it comes down to it, RV carports are a very sensible alternative to building a garage. They offer easy construction and portability, and a long lasting durability with low maintenance. They are an economical way to protect your RV or any vehicle. Even if you just need outside storage, the carport is the answer to protect your valuable goods from inclement weather.

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