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Is SEO Marketing Still Relevant?

Is SEO Marketing Still Relevant? Posted on March 22, 2017

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a method used to ensure your website appears in search engines such as Google. The process requires extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms. This can take up a lot of time and effort, especially considering that these algorithms are ever-changing. It’s no wonder that most people don’t understand the process, and can’t keep up. That’s why specialists in SEO Marketing in Plainfield IL area and other areas, are in such high demand. But, with the focus now shifted to content marketing and social media, is SEO marketing still relevant in today’s world? The short answer is yes.

SEO still matters and some may say it’s more important than ever. It is still a critical component to an overall digital marketing strategy, and it can mean the difference between driving loads of website traffic and getting lost among the competition.

Some marketers are so focused on providing content for their sites that they lose sight of the fact that SEO is what really helps users find your website. You could write the most compelling content out there, but it’s useless if no one can find it.

Content Depends on SEO
Think about it. People browse for information and content via the search engines. As such, it’s important to be listed in Google searches and other search engines. Chances are good that people won’t find you or your content without searching via a search engine. Considering that content creation can take many hours to create, this can mean a devastating loss for you and your business.

Keywords are Key
A large part of any SEO strategy is to come up with a list of targeted keywords that will drive visitors to your site. These are just as relevant today as they were 5 years ago.

Professionals in SEO marketing in Plainfield IL, and other areas around the country, can help you build your SEO strategy so your business doesn’t get lost in cyberspace.

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