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Should Your Business Use Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Or Buy One?

Should Your Business Use Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Or Buy One? Posted on January 21, 2020

To make your brand known at a crowded trade show, it needs to have an undeniable presence. Your trade show exhibit will make your company’s first impression on everyone who sees it, which is why you need to create one that conveys your company’s values and mission.

When it comes to developing a booth or exhibit for a trade show, your business can go one of two routes. You can purchase a custom-built exhibit or utilize trade show exhibit rentals from a trusted vendor.

Are you unsure about whether to buy or rent? Consider some of these important questions.

How Often Do You Attend Trade Shows?

Some businesses belong to industries where trade shows are frequent. Others might attend one or two a year.

If you find yourself attending a significant number of trade shows, then purchasing one is typically a better option. It will eventually pay for itself and you’ll be able to provide a consistent experience and presence for each show. However, if you don’t attend many, trade show exhibit rentals are a convenient way to create a professional presence.

How Do You Want To Approach This Financially?

Price is generally a major sticking point for trade show exhibits. Renting an exhibit means no major up-front cost or expenses associated with storing and maintaining the exhibit. When you purchase an exhibit, it does stand as a significant investment, but it will be more convenient, as you won’t have to track down an exhibit for each show you attend.

Consistency or Flexibility?

When you own a trade show exhibit, you are locked into its style and look. This means, if you update your company’s branding, you might be left buying a new exhibit or updating the existing one.

When you rent, you have the flexibility to create different exhibits for each show.

Trade Show Displays and Exhibit Rentals Made Easy

Structure Exhibits works with businesses of all industries to create a memorable presence or experience to connect with potential clients.

We develop trade show exhibits and displays, and also coordinate meetings and events, that align with each client’s needs and objectives. We’re ready to do the same for you. Connect with our team.

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