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Signs it’s Time to Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning in Magnolia, TX

Signs it’s Time to Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning in Magnolia, TX Posted on July 11, 2019

Experts suggest that commercial kitchens should have their grease traps cleaned at least once every three months. The frequency with which restaurant owners must have their grease traps cleaned depends on the size of the traps, the restaurant’s hours of operation, and its water usage, though, so scheduling routine cleanings can be more difficult than some business owners might think. Those who aren’t sure if they’re having their traps cleaned often enough can read on to find out about a few signs that it’s time to schedule Grease Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX.

Slow Drainage

If a grease trap is at capacity, it won’t operate as efficiently as it will after a professional cleaning. A clogged trap has the same effect as a clogged pipe, making it more difficult for water to drain. The first step toward resolving drainage issues should always be to have the grease trap cleaned.

Strong Odors

Food waste, fatty oils, and sludge smell terrible if they’re left sitting for too long. If a commercial kitchen smells bad even after it has been cleaned, it’s likely a sign that the grease trap needs some professional help.

Misplaced Grease

When grease traps clog, the grease will escape through other lines. Kitchen managers who notice grease getting into their sewage pipes or water lines should schedule a cleaning immediately. Putting off a routine cleaning any longer can wind up leading to a temporary restaurant closure.

Grease Is 25% or More of the Total Liquid Depth

If grease and solids make up more than a quarter of the wastewater depth, it’s time to have the trap cleaned. In fact, the EPA mandates that restaurant owners have them cleaned when they reach this point. Failing to schedule Grease Trap Cleaning in Magnolia TX now will only lead to health problems, safety concerns, and further disruptions, so don’t put it off any longer.

Get Help Now

Know it’s time to schedule a cleaning but don’t love the company that currently provides this service? There’s no reason to settle for anything but the best when there are plenty of companies out there that can help. Check out Texas Pride Septic online to learn about one local company that can help. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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