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Some Advantages Of Cremation Services In Seattle Over Burial

Some Advantages Of Cremation Services In Seattle Over Burial Posted on May 27, 2016

Although death is never a topic anyone likes to think about, it can be comforting to have a plan in place for the inevitable event. By planning ahead, you can know that your own wishes will be observed, and you can also remove the burden of decision-making from your loved ones. Many people have strong feelings regarding the treatment of their remains, and burial is still the most common method in the U.S. However, there are many advantages to Cremation Services In Seattle.

When a body is cremated, it is reduced to ash, and the ash can be kept in an urn or scattered on the ground. This makes the practice much more environmentally friendly than burial because it doesn’t require the use of land for a burial plot. Graveyards take up an enormous amount of space, and sometimes they must be relocated to allow the land to be developed for use by the living. In addition, cremation doesn’t require that trees be cut down for the construction of a coffin. Also, burning a body doesn’t create any risk of contaminating the land through leaking embalming fluids.

A cremation is also much less expensive than a burial. A burial involves many costs, including the embalming process, the coffin, the hearse, the burial plot and burial, and the grave marker, to name a few. A cremation is a much simpler procedure that may not involve embalming the body at all unless the family wants to hold a viewing before the cremation.

Another advantage of cremation is that ashes can be kept or disposed of in ways that are meaningful to the survivors. For example, ashes can be kept permanently in beautiful boxes or urns, and the ashes can be shared among multiple family members. Ashes can be carried from one home to another.
They can also be made into special jewelry or cement tiles that can serve as memorial markers. Alternatively, ashes can be scattered in a place that was special to the person who died, like the sea or a mountain.

Finally, Cremation Services In Seattle are flexible because you can schedule a memorial service at your convenience. You don’t have to organize a burial to take place within a brief time after the death. This can be an advantage when family members need to travel long distances.

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