Troubleshooting Problems With A Carlyle Compressor

by | May 27, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

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As with any type of compressor or component in an AC system, there are small issues that can create large operating problems. These issues may not require extensive repairs or a replacement of the unit, and they may simply indicate that routine maintenance checks have not been completed or are due.

With a Carlyle compressor, the need for maintenance is very low. These are dependable compressors with a well-deserved reputation for long life cycles and relatively few problems. Just like any piece of equipment the compressor will need to be repaired and eventually replaced, so the actual age of the compressor at the time problems start to occur is an important first consideration.

Strange Noises

Some of the most common first signs of problems with the Carlyle compressor are unusual or atypical sounds at startup or during operation. In many cases, these issues are related to oil pressure at the manifold or oil leaking into the system when the compressor is not running.

Additionally, there can be too much oil in the system, which often results in alternative loud operating noises followed by very quiet operation. Temperature issues in the system can also be a problem if there is a grinding sound either at start-up or when the compressor is running.

These issues may be simple fixes by finding the source of the leak and making a quick repair. They can also be signs of a compressor that needs to be completely rebuilt, and in these situations, a remanufactured replacement may be the lowest cost repair option.

High Motor Temperatures

Often when a Carlyle compressor is running with high motor temperatures, the issues are either a valve problem or a wiring issue. Wiring problems typically involve a problem with relaying the compressor temperatures to the control module.

Both of these possible causes can include multiple valves and components. By having the compressor repaired by an experienced technician these issues can be resolved, but it may take time.

To avoid unnecessary downtime, particularly for more challenging or involved repair issues, replacing the current compressor with a remanufactured model has definite advantages. It provides you with a like-new and fully tested compressor at a much lower cost than a new unit.

With companies offering one or two-day delivery to local areas, and just a few days to distant locations, ordering a remanufactured compressor in any of the Carlyle lines and models is a cost and time-saving option that is well worth considering over more than a basic repair.

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