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Steel Recyclers in Baltimore, MD Know This Metal is a Superhero

Steel Recyclers in Baltimore, MD Know This Metal is a Superhero Posted on April 21, 2017

Superman is called the man of steel, and for good reason. Steel indicates that Superman is invulnerable to outside forces. The comic book character was created in the 1930s, when steel was the most common material for shields and armor. For these uses, steel has since been replaced by materials like Kevlar fiber, but the metal is still highly valuable for its durability and longevity. Steel Recyclers in Baltimore MD are always eager to obtain more of the material, since manufacturers always need the metal. When they can obtain enough in recyclable form, they don’t have to spend the extra money on mining ore.

Steel can be viewed as a superhero in the world of metal, which is why steel recyclers in Baltimore MD encourage customers to bring it to their facilities. The character of Superman was created in the 1930s, as was the character of Steel. Oddly enough, Steel’s real name was John Henry Irons, and he was known as the man of iron. That may be confusing to people who aren’t immersed in the realm of superhero comics, just as differences between steel and iron can be confusing to most individuals.

Iron is an element in the periodic table and can be extracted from the earth and from water. Steel is a manufactured product. It’s an alloy made of iron and carbon. The widespread material known as stainless steel is made of iron, carbon and chromium. Chromium is the substance that dramatically increases resistance to corrosion. Even when light rust or discoloration develops on stainless steel, it typically can be removed with a scouring pad. That’s one reason stainless steel is so popular for kitchen sinks.

The legend of Superman continues to live on in movies, most recently being featured under The Man of Steel instead of numbered versions of Superman. The metal known as steel continues to be extremely valuable in the recycling industry, since it retains its important basic physical properties during the process. Anyone who has unwanted steel may bring it to a company such as Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc. A large amount may qualify for pickup.

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