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The Construction of Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Phoenix

The Construction of Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Phoenix Posted on June 29, 2020

The quality of luxury vinyl flooring in Phoenix has evolved from its mundane look to a new sleek alternative to hardwood and/or stone flooring due to it being a fraction of the cost.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Defined

Luxury vinyl flooring is a high-end vinyl floor covering. It often comes in a natural floor look such as stone, tile work, and wood.

How Luxury Vinyl is constructed

Luxury vinyl is a combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers, and print films, with it being referred to as “composite vinyl”. Luxury Vinyl is made of 4 layers.

* Backing Material. Beginning with the bottom layer is the backbone of the vinyl- a backing material. The backing is constructed of vinyl and plasticizer or fiberglass which gives the floor its overall shape and structure. When the backing material is constructed, the product is placed under high heat and pressure, which binds the product.

* Core Layer. Placed between the wear layer and the final layer is the core layer. The core layer is made from vinyl, which provides comfort and moisture resistance.

* Dcor Layer. The dcor layer is the design and color of the flooring. It may come textured to offer a more realistic look as well as feel to the floor.

* Wear Layer. The wear layer, made of urethane and aluminum oxide, is the part of the vinyl flooring that creates the most resistance against wear and tear. On top of the finished product, is a coating of urethane to offer further protection. After all of the layers have been constructed and the urethane is dry; the vinyl is then cut into separate, smaller planks or tiles and becomes ready for placing.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

* Aside from being cost-effective, there are numerous benefits of using Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Phoenix.

* Luxury vinyl flooring is softer and more comfortable to stand on.

* There are multiple ways to install the flooring, making it easier for those who prefer to do it themselves.

* Luxury vinyl is easy to maintain and clean. No need for special floor cleaners, just a simple sweep and an occasional mop with mild soap or detergent.

With many varieties to choose from, luxury vinyl looks great in every room of the home. Not to mention it is great for the budget! For more information about luxury vinyl, contact us.

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