The numerous benefits of wearing contact lenses

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Business

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If you really want to get rid of eyeglasses, the best way to do so is through contact lenses. It is usually seen that people who have been wearing lenses are happy about it. There are several types of lenses available in the market and each has something special to offer. The first is the RGP or the Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. These are made of slightly flexible plastics which allow oxygen to pass through your eyes. Next comes the daily wear soft lenses. If you need to wear lenses for a shorter period of time, these are ideal. Moreover, these are difficult to dislodge compared to the RGP lenses and are great for an active lifestyle. Apart from these, there are extended wear lenses which are great for overnight wear. These lenses can be easily worn

without trouble for about a week without needing removal.

There are several advantages to wearing these contact lenses. For instance, the extended lenses can be worn for a long period of time without any worry of infection. These lenses are also available in bifocals and tints and you can choose these depending on your need. The main advantages of using contact lenses include the fact that they move with the eyes allowing a natural view. These have no frames which might block your view and even reduce distortions. Another benefit is that they also don’t come in the way of activities and allow you to carry on with any work. Along with these, contact lenses also offer better sight and some people even consider it to be a good option for looking good.

Lenses give peripheral vision, thereby allowing you to see things clearly all around. It doesn’t block your vision on the sides at all. Contact lenses also don’t have light sensitivity and there is no risk of glare. You will not have any problem looking at the sun while wearing lenses. The next advantage, these are quick and very easy to use. It takes only few seconds to wear and is extremely hassle-free. There is no question of feeling any discomfort or pain.

There is no doubt these lenses are convenient, especially the disposable lenses. These don’t require any after-care and are ideal for busy people. That’s not all; lenses are also suitable for people with a high prescription. So, people with short sightedness find these extremely helpful. Instead of wearing high power glasses, wearing slim lenses is surely a better option.

Contacts are also believed to be helpful in treating certain eye conditions like keratitis or corneal ulcer. Lastly, the advantages of contact lenses definitely outnumber its flaws.

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