The Value In Finding Top Metal Stamping Companies

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There are many different ways to produce metal parts and components. The more processes involved, the more costly the production of the final part. For an OEM, finding the lowest-cost way to produce parts to the required specifications, tolerances and standards required is always a critical factor.

One of the most cost-effective ways to produce metal parts and components, including those with complex shapes, is through metal stamping. Fast, efficient and free from the requirement of heating the metal to shape, this is a part production process used in industries from the automotive industry through to electronics and even medical devices and components.

Finding experienced metal stamping companies with the ability to work to specifications and produce precision parts can be a challenge. Many companies do not have metal stamping as a central part of their shop, and for precise parts, it is important to find a company that focuses on metal stamping.

Complexity of Shapes

The more complex the shape and the more precise the tolerances required, the more important it is to choose the best metal stamping companies. Companies with experience in specific industries, such as electronic components, circuit boards, medical devices or aerospace, and automotive parts, are always an advantage for an OEM.

Equipment and Technology

The process of metal stamping is not new, but today’s top metal stamping companies are using the latest in technology. With the ability to work with progressive dies to develop tight tolerances and CNC equipment to drive production, these companies can turn around medium to high volume orders in a very short period of time.

It is important to get a sense of the past projects the metal stamping service has worked on, and what types of alloy and metals they have worked with in the past. The top companies have extensive experience across multiple industries, which is always a benefit for the OEM.

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