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Reasons for a Waterproof Wall in Yukon OK

Reasons for a Waterproof Wall in Yukon OK Posted on March 20, 2019

Most homeowners have the basement waterproofed to prevent flooding or to finish off the space and make it useful. A Waterproof Wall in Yukon OK will most likely be part of a repair or replacement to correct a wet basement due to unpredictable soil. Oklahoma soil has varying layers of clay and sandstone before getting to the stable and load bearing strata. This can cause issues with the foundation, the basement, and the leveling of the house.

Common Signs of Problems

Knowing indicators of foundation and basement problems will result in repairs at early stages to minimize damage and danger. The house is not going to shift suddenly and appear lopsided, so paying attention to subtle signs is helpful, and will save money. Doors dragging is one sign that a section of the house may be lower than the normal level of the rest. Gaps are a common sign as well. These may be noticed between windows and walls, where walls join, in crown mouldings, or in garage walls.

Cracks will need to be evaluated by professionals to determine if they are from expected settling of the house or caused by a bigger issue. Some cracks in interior walls, for example, may just require some epoxy or caulking. Cracks in slabs, sheet-rock, basement or garage flooring, and near existing beams or joists are more serious and require efficient repair.

Free Evaluations

Homeowners who are not sure of the condition of their homes will want to have a free evaluation done for peace of mind. A professional will be dispatched to the home to assess the state of the foundation and basement. If any repairs, such as a Waterproof Wall in Yukon OK, are needed a free estimate will be provided for the available options. The priority is structural stability over the cosmetic work that may need to be completed after essential repairs.


Innovative tools and techniques have been developed by the company to offer deeper stability than the competition. A Perforation Point Process utilizes steel piers that pass through the clay and sandstone to reach the solid soil that will bear weight. The technique also creates a platform that will ensure integrity and safety for the home. This is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. Go to to request your free evaluation.

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