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Three Common Questions About Medical Marijuana in Moore, OK

Three Common Questions About Medical Marijuana in Moore, OK Posted on January 11, 2023

In the past decade, the marijuana industry has shaped, grown, and flourished across the United States. State leaders have worked endlessly and tirelessly to legalize medical marijuana so those with diseases such as cancer can reap the plant’s benefits. If you are interested in high-quality medical marijuana in Moore, OK, you might be curious about how you can buy it and what the state laws are. Here are three common questions about medical marijuana.

When Did Medical Marijuana Become Legal in OK?

In 2018 voters moved to pass medical marijuana. Since 2018, high-quality medical marijuana in Moore, OK is available at dispensaries such as the Craft Cannabis Company. Medical marijuana dispensaries must meet specific guidelines, rules, and regulations to sell marijuana in OK. Recreational marijuana is still not legalized as of the year 2022 in OK. Federally, both medical and recreational marijuana is illegal.

How Can I Buy Medical Marijuana?

You cannot buy medical marijuana in Moore, OK without a license. Oklahoma residents over the age of 18 can qualify for a medical marijuana license if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. An acceptable photo
  3. Proof of residency
  4. A physician recommendation form from an authorized physician

You must meet all of these requirements to obtain an adult patient license to purchase medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma.

How Expensive Is a Medical Marijuana Card?

The cost of an adult patient license is approximately 100 dollars plus fees and taxes. Adult patient licenses are good for up to four years. Most patients find medical marijuana licenses reasonably priced and affordable.

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