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Three Services Offered by a Qualified Building Surveyor in Swindon

Three Services Offered by a Qualified Building Surveyor in Swindon Posted on October 28, 2014

Someone who is accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) will call themselves a chartered surveyor. An expert in this field will be called on to conduct surveys on properties of all ages, shapes and sizes. These thorough investigations will help him or her determine the value of the property, so that potential buyers can make the right investment and property sellers set the right asking price. A surveyor in Swindon will likely have gone to university to get a degree, so that the following services can be provided to the client.

Homebuyer Report

Land, building and property construction are three things a building surveyor in Swindon will have learnt about when in university. Someone in this industry will be trained to give advice on these things, so that potential disputes can be solved, properties can be valued accurately, and problems dealt with in a timely manner. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) came up with the idea of a Homebuyer Report, which is a report about the property’s value and current state.

Planning Applications

Unless you comply with UK planning laws, you could find yourself with a prison sentence or fine. Planning applications have a big focus on energy efficiency, therefore it is likely that the building surveyor in Swindon will encourage you to get devices with good energy ratings fitted. The process of filling out, sending off and waiting for planning applications to be returned is sure to be time consuming, but surveyors have contacts. This means that they can likely speed up the process, so you can move into your new property or secure a sale as quickly as possible.

Building Plans

A surveyor will maintain the experience to draw up building plans on your behalf. These detailed plans will allow him or her to find someone who can complete a repair job, should there be any issues. Everything included in the plan will comply with building regulations. A good property will have structural stability, be resistant to weathering, be fitted with safety glazing, have access for disabled individuals (especially in a business environment), and be installed with heating and ventilation systems. If building work has affected these things, the surveyor will probably contact the building control department for approval.

Unless you hire a surveyor in Swindon, you might not know whether or not you have overpaid for the property. Robert White Associates boast over 30 years of experience. Click here for more information.

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