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Three Types of Fences Installed by a Fencing Company in Marietta, GA

Three Types of Fences Installed by a Fencing Company in Marietta, GA Posted on November 15, 2019

Often, when a family relocates to a home that does not have a fence, they will decide to have one installed, especially if the family has pets or children. Fences can be installed to add privacy and safety to the family’s property. When having a fence installed, the family has some choices in the type of fence they prefer. Three types of fences installed by a Fencing Company in Marietta GA are fences of vinyl, wood, and iron.

Fences of Vinyl

This type of fence is very popular. Vinyl comes in lots of different colors and styles, and there is generally something for everyone. Vinyl fences are known to be very durable and long-lasting. They do not require much maintenance-;just the occasional cleaning-;and they never require painting. Picket fences, porch rail, privacy fences, and ranch rail styles are all available in vinyl.

Fences of Wood

Wood is the classic fence material that comes to mind when thinking about fencing the yard of a home. Wood provides lots of privacy and looks great. It does require more maintenance than a vinyl fence because steps must be taken to prevent the wood from rotting and bowing. If properly taken care of, a wood fence can last for many years.

Fences of Iron

The third type of fence installed by a fencing company is iron. This type of fence material is the most durable of them all. Fences of iron can last through multiple generations and require very little maintenance. They are more expensive than other types of fences but can be worth it for the amount of beauty and security they add to a property. Iron fences come in several different styles, including both simple and ornamental designs.

Summit Fence is a popular Fencing Company in Marietta GA. Whether a fence of vinyl, wood, or iron is desired, the company can help. Their fencing contractors have the expertise and ability necessary to create a beautiful fence that meets the needs of each customer. They offer fences in a plethora of materials and styles and are sure to have something to please everyone. Visit today for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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