Time for a New Liner: How a Professional from a Fireplace Repair Company Can Help

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Fireplaces

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While the fireplaces have been mainly ornamental for quite a few years, the homeowner has decided to invest some money in updating them and ensuring they can be utilized again. One of the first things that need to happen is the replacement of the current chimney liner. To make the best choice, it pays to get advice from a professional who works with a Fireplace Repair Company. Here are some of the points that need to be considered before installing a new liner.

Choosing the Right Materials

Chimney liners can be made of metal or ceramic. While all of them are right for certain types of fireplaces and chimneys, others are not the best possible choices. The best way to identify what kind of liner will work is to consult a professional from the local Fireplace Repair Company. It may turn out that opting for a flexible steel liner would be right, while a rigid liner would lead to some problems down the road.

Going with the Right Dimensions

There is no guarantee the old liner was ever the right size for the chimney and fireplace. Instead of making assumptions, have the professional take a fresh look at the setup and determine what dimensions the liner needs to do the job properly. The result will be a liner that offers more efficient function and will last much longer. It also means there will be less damage to the chimney and fireplace as the year’s pass.

The Matter of Cost

As with many types of products, liners can vary in terms of price. Homeowners who need to keep the restoration project within a certain budget will find there may be more than one option that has all the qualities desired and also happens to be affordable. A pro will have a better idea of where to purchase the liner and lock in the lowest rate without having to skimp on quality.

If the time has come to bring that old fireplace and chimney back to life today. It won’t take long to come up with a plan of action, identify the cost, and schedule a start date.

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