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Traffic Laws That Most People Accidentally Break in Illinois

Traffic Laws That Most People Accidentally Break in Illinois Posted on January 4, 2021

When most people hop in a vehicle and travel to destinations, they will experience distractions. Some distractions can make a seasoned driver break a few traffic laws. These are some of the reasons why drivers accidentally get a ticket.

Texting While Driving

Some people react to certain situations base on their instincts. For example, a teen who always responds to texts may automatically start texting while behind the steering wheel. This is a crime, and it’s also very dangerous.

The best way to stop a texting habit is by turning off the phone while you’re driving. If this is a problem, run an app that will let everyone know when you’re behind the wheel.

School Bus Errors

A school bus driver’s job is to protect the kids while traveling to different destinations. This is why there are special laws for school buses. Whenever children are boarding a school bus, all nearby motorists must stop. Most drivers accidentally break this law and other school bus laws when they’re distracted.


A U-turn maneuver can lead to a ticket in certain situations. If other motorists’ safety is at risk, a cop will determine whether or not a driver deserves a ticket for making the U-turn.

Failure to Renew the Vehicle Registration

If you forget to renew your tags, you will get a ticket. To avoid this, set a reminder so that you’ll always set up an appointment for car registration renewal in Illinois on time.

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