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Treating Your Knee Pain in Palatine With Non-Surgical Interventions

Treating Your Knee Pain in Palatine With Non-Surgical Interventions Posted on January 16, 2020

Knee pain can be associated with swelling and limited mobility. Surgical intervention to relieve symptoms may help, however, your doctor may want to try conservative treatments before recommending surgery. Here are some conservative treatment options for treating your knee pain in Palatine.

Joint Aspiration
Knee pain caused by degenerative joint disease, cartilage tears, and autoimmune disorders is often associated with the buildup of synovial fluid. When you have fluid in your knee joint, you may experience an increase in pain, limited mobility, flexibility problems, and weakness upon ambulation.

To manage your joint swelling and knee pain in Palatine, your doctor may recommend draining the fluid out of your knee. Joint aspiration refers to the procedure where your doctor draws out fluid from your knee with a syringe. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and while joint aspiration is performed on other joints, it is more commonly performed on the knees.

Topical Analgesics
Topical analgesics may also be recommended for your knee pain. Effective topical treatments include capsaicin ointments and lidocaine patches, which both help numb knee pain. Other topical treatments include topical anti-inflammation creams, which are often derived from aspirin.

All of these treatments are typically well-tolerated by most people with knee pain, however, local reactions such as redness and burning may be noticed. If you opt for topical analgesics, your doctor will remind you to avoid the product if you have broken skin. Also, wash your hands after use because contact with your eyes can cause irritation.

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