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Tree & Stump Removal Steps And Planting Grass Seed

Tree & Stump Removal Steps And Planting Grass Seed Posted on January 12, 2017

If an individual would like to remove a couple of tree stumps from their property, the following steps will assist them with completing the project. After tree & stump removal is complete, grass seed can be sprinkled in barren areas. As long as the grass seed receives plenty of water and sunlight, healthy blades of grass will grow.


  • power drill
  • funnel
  • stump decomposing granules
  • vinyl tarp
  • ax
  • power saw
  • small shovel
  • topsoil
  • rake
  • grass seed
  • sprinkler system

Treating Wood With Decomposing Granules And Cutting Up Stumps

A power drill can be used to create small holes around the base of each stump. A funnel needs to be inserted in each hole and stump decomposing granules poured through it. Stumps should be covered with a vinyl tarp to prevent granules from falling out of the holes. After several weeks, the wood will rot and become soft. In order to determine if stumps have decomposed, the back of a shovel can be pressed against each one. If the wood is spongy, stumps are ready to be removed. An ax or power saw can be used to cut wood into small pieces. A small shovel may need to be used to remove parts of wood that are underneath the ground.

Planting Grass Seed

Topsoil can be added to parts of the ground that are not level. A rake should be used to spread topsoil. A liberal amount of grass seed should be sprinkled over sections of the ground that are bare. Grass seed will need to be watered several times each week. A sprinkler system that can be programmed will assist with watering a lawn at specific times of the day. After a few weeks, healthy blades of grass will be growing and a property will have a uniform appearance.

More information about tree & stump removal and the products and tools that are required to complete a project can be acquired by contacting Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. or a similar company. An individual can hire a tree specialist to remove large stumps and transform the appearance of their property. A tree specialist will also assist with removing dying or damaged trees or pruning healthy ones. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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