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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair is Easy and a Big Cost Savings

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair is Easy and a Big Cost Savings Posted on April 19, 2019

If your sewer line is backing up into the house, then this is a problem you want to correct as soon as possible. You will want to call a plumber with skilled technicians who can diagnose the problem quickly. This is made possible by modern technology through the use of a mini-cam inserted into the sewer line. This camera will send back high resolution pictures of the problems within the line.

There could be tree root clog. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water and they will find their way into the sewer line and from a clog which will completely block the line. Household debris can also build up in the line after being trapped by grease on the line walls. Paper is a culprit in line blockages.
A clog can be cleared by the Hydro-jetting process which uses water under high pressure to clean the line. This is a very successful procedure in most instances. In some cases the sewer line must be repaired.

There is no longer any need to dig up the yard to repair or replace the sewer line. Modern plumbing technology has given the plumber the ability to do trenchless sewer line repair. This technology involves a cured-in-place pipe and it requires no yard tear-up or extensive digging. This method provides a pipe that is a strong as any new structural sewer line.

Trenchless sewer lining technology requires that the sewer line be clear of any obstructions. Next, the sewer line receives an epoxy barrier coating to the inside of the line. This creates a seamless new pipe in the sewer line. Roots cannot penetrate the sewer lines because they are so strong. All of this work is done above ground which saves the landscaping and the grass. This method is called the “cured-in-place” method, and it has been around a long time. There is no doubt that it lasts and works.

The homeowner cannot tell when their sewer line will become blocked. This is particularly true in older homes which may have cast iron pipes, or new homes with small children who love to flush toys down the toilet. It is a good idea to have the sewer line inspected so any problems can be fixed before they wind up in the house.

We decided to run our plumbing division through Prodigy Plumbing. Bode’s Electric has a long history with the owner and we are confident that they will support our past customers with the highest quality of service. We will work with them through this transition as best we can.

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