Ugly Oil Spots, Cracks, or Fissures? Make Use of Professional Seal Coating in Burlington, VT

by | May 4, 2017 | Asphalt Contractor

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The typical, everyday asphalt pavement can last up to 15 years without necessitating any repairs, but once it starts going, asphalt tends to degrade fairly quickly. Take a brief moment to consider the atmospheric factors that degrade asphalt:

1. UV Rays: Due to the fact that asphalt is comprised of small pebbles, sand, and aggregates, the entire mixture must be held together by a binding agent in order to effect a sturdy final product. However, the sun’s UV rays are powerful enough to degrade the binding agent over time, which causes gravel to loosen and cracks to form.

2. Oxidation: Consistent exposure to oxygen causes asphalt’s initial charcoal-black color to fade away into a grayish, stonewashed hue with the passage of time. The effects aren’t only aesthetic, mind you, because this type of degradation also causes the asphalt to become less flexible and more brittle.

3. Vehicles: From the chips, cracks, and fissures caused by the continuous pressure of heavy vehicles to the inevitable oil stains that begin to appear over time, your seal coating solution needs to be properly cleaned, maintained, and patched in order to maintain its structural integrity and desirable sheen.

Using Paving Companies

If you’re interested in seal coating in Burlington, VT, it’s worth noting that your local paving company can handle tasks above and beyond just slathering hot tar onto your driveway. From their extensive excavation and grinding capabilities to their paint striping provisions and superior patchwork applications, these firms are truly your one-stop shop for any type of paving or asphalt work. Regardless of whether you need to build an extensive parking lot or facilitate some simple seal coating on your property, modern paving firms are not only versatile and adaptable, but their services are also extremely cost-effective nowadays.

Finding the Best Local Firm

Regardless of the scope of your forthcoming project, you’ll obviously want to find a firm that can handle the entire project top-to-bottom without having to outsource any of the work to a third party. Fortunately, all you have to do is fire up your Internet browser and start creating a shortlist of the best-rated firms in your vicinity.

During your information collection phase, be sure to pay close attention to client reviews, before and after pictures, and each company’s history of service. If you need a blueprint of exactly what to look for, click here for an example of a reputable paving company website.

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