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Understanding Fractional Laser Therapy in Peachtree City, GA

Understanding Fractional Laser Therapy in Peachtree City, GA Posted on October 23, 2020

Those suffering from pigmentation disorders may qualify for fractional laser therapy. This treatment can help with wrinkles, sun damage and scarring. At this point, there are many different devices that can assist with this therapy. See what else you need to know before requesting fractional laser therapy in Peachtree City.

The Applications

There are many ways to apply this treatment in the real world. As described above, it is appropriate for both facial wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. It can also help with pigmentation issues stemming from photoaging. Finally, one can use this treatment to address scars from surgery or skin blemishes. Some people even receive therapy to help with stretch marks. All in all, there are many different reasons to seek out laser therapy.

A Look at the Process

There is a fairly complex process behind fractional laser therapy. In the most basic terms, the therapy targets the dermis and epidermis levels of the skin. The laser beam itself is composed of a multitude of small rays of light. Each of these enters a microthermal treatment zone to reach a portion of the collagen. Next, a reaction occurs that prompts a change in the overall structure of the collagen. This pinpoint accuracy ensures that surrounding areas are not negatively affected.

A Look at the Effects

Some potential patients are concerned that the treatment could be a difficult experience. This is not true. The fractional nature of the treatment allows for a quicker recovery for most patients. In most cases, you will only feel minor discomfort after the surgery. However, several treatments may be required to get the desired results.

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