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Understanding the Importance of Root Canals in Salisbury NC

Understanding the Importance of Root Canals in Salisbury NC Posted on May 23, 2019

While most people have heard of root canals, few understand their importance in the dental world. This procedure remains one of the most popular, and a vast number of patients will experience at least one root canal in their lifetime. Here are the top reasons root canals in Salisbury NC are an important part of dental care.

Root Canals Save Teeth

No one wants to lose a tooth. Dentists do everything possible to save as many teeth as they can. While not all teeth are salvageable, root canals in Salisbury NC increase the likelihood of being able to save a damaged tooth.

Most teeth are extracted because of damage to the root. This is often caused by decay or trauma, and if left untreated, the tooth will ultimately die. A root canal removes the pulp of the tooth and fills in the roots with a rubber compound. Although the tooth is technically dead after treatment, it can remain in the patient’s mouth.

Root Canals Stop Pain

Toothaches are very painful, and some are worse than others. Anyone who has experienced a long-lasting, throbbing toothache knows how intense this pain can become. In many cases, a root canal is the only way to stop the pain.

While some toothaches are caused by sensitivity or sinus pressure, others are due to inflammation inside the tooth. This type of pain is the most excruciating. Whenever inflammation is present, the only way to stop it is by removing the affected pulp tissue. This is done with a root canal.

Root Canals Protect Patients

Dental decay is the number one cause of cavities. Decay forms whenever bacteria in the mouth eats away at the tooth structure. While a simple filling is usually all that’s needed to treat a cavity, they don’t always resolve the problem.

If a cavity gets too deep, bacteria may enter the pulp chamber of the tooth. A severe infection may form. If this infection isn’t treated, it may enter the patient’s bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body. Dentists use root canal therapy to remove all of the infected tissue from the pulp chamber.

Contrary to popular belief, root canals are painless. Most patients report the treatment feels similar to a regular cavity filling. Find more information about root canals by making an appointment with a local dentist.

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