What Are Dental Veneers?

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Dental Health

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Dental veneers are extremely thin shells made from porcelain, they are bonded the exposed surface of a person’s teeth as a way to enhance their looks and improve their smile. Dental veneers in Chicago are often asked for by dental patients that have teeth which are chipped, have gaps between them or are discolored beyond the scope of tooth whitening.

For those whose teeth are in otherwise good condition, veneers are an excellent choice because once they have been fitted, they look perfectly natural and as they are made from porcelain, they resist future staining. Porcelain veneers look real because in a sense they are, the top surface of a tooth is also a similar material, enamel. Like tooth enamel, dental veneers are also translucent, this allows light to penetrate through to the second tooth layer, the dentin; the result is a very natural, lustrous look.

Not everyone can benefit from dental veneers in Chicago, it is important to discuss your situation in detail with your dentist. If, after a complete examination the dentist is of the opinion that you are a good candidate you can expect two more appointments until the veneers are fitted. The first appointment is dedicated to preparing the surfaces of the teeth that will be fitted with veneers and taking impressions, the second appointment is dedicated to actually fitting the veneers.

Although it is possible to actually create the veneers in-house, the majority of dentists opt to have them made in a dental lab. Of course, making them on the spot compresses the time but most dentists are of the opinion that the custom veneers from the lab are a better option. During the week or two that it takes to produce the veneers the dentist can fit you with temporary covers, these may add a little to the cost of the veneers but many people feel it is a price worth paying.

When it becomes time to fit the custom made veneers the dentist holds them in position to ensure that the shape is exact and the color is what the patient expected. If the color needs to be changed this can be done by changing the color of the adhesive however, one the veneers are fitted, there is no going back.

To insure a perfect bond the dentist first etches the tooth surface, cement is applied to the back of the veneer and then carefully placed on the tooth. The adhesive cures quickly under a blue light. Once the entire process is over you will find it hard not to smile.

Dental veneers in Chicago are one of the cosmetic dental procedures the dentists at The Art of Modern Dentistry are often asked to fit. If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, there is a simple solution Click Here.

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