What are the solutions when a transmission fails?

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Automotive

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A transmission can fail and when it does there are a few different ways to tackle the problem. Knowing what the various options are might help you decide which the best is for you.

Transmission repair: This approach is self evident; the minimal number of parts will be replaced to return the transmission to working condition. Even though you may have opted for a shop that employs only certified transmission specialists the transmission may be beyond practical repair. Usually though, repairing the transmission will certainly allow you to get more miles of service from the vehicle. Transmission repair is by far the least expensive approach and it usually results in less down time, however, a different component in the transmission can fail soon thereafter and you are right back where you started.

Replacement: If it so turns out that the transmission in the car is beyond repair there is the option of replacing it. There are two approaches; one is to buy a transmission out of a wrecked car, the other is to purchase a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission.

Remanufactured transmission: A remanufactured transmission is one that has been disassembled, inspected and repaired by certified transmission specialists. Once the transmission has been torn down, it is carefully inspected; all internal components that are broken or are worn are identified and replaced with new components. The transmission is remanufactured to meet the specifications of the original factory transmission, when they are completed they are put through a series of tests and sold with a guarantee.

Rebuilt transmission: A rebuilt transmission is also dismantled and inspected similar to a remanufactured unit, however, rather than replace even marginal parts a rebuilt transmission only focus on replacing parts which are totally worn out. Components that are still serviceable are not replaced. Once completed, the transmission will function well but not as well as a fully remanufactured unit.

Remanufactured transmissions can also differ from a rebuilt unit as it can include factory updates that have become available since it was manufactured new by the factory. There may have been certain changes made to internal components such as a valve body or perhaps the friction material being used today is superior.

Small transmission shops do not normally hire certified transmission specialists nor do they have the complex and often expensive tools that are needed to totally remanufacture a transmission. Basically, a remanufactured transmission is every bit as good as or even better than the original, and it comes with a substantial guarantee which is extremely important.

When you need to repair or replace the transmission in your car you want to be sure that the work is being done by certified transmission technicians. You are guaranteed satisfaction when you trust your transmission repairs to Trans Works Transmissions LLC. You can also folllow them on Twitter.

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