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What Does Auto Suspension Service Involve?

What Does Auto Suspension Service Involve? Posted on May 13, 2020

The steering and suspension systems of a vehicle are important components, especially with respect to safe driving. They must be checked and serviced to make sure a driver remains safe. An auto suspension service ensures that your ride is stable, balanced, and smooth. The steering and suspension, when regularly maintained, keeps an auto from veering to one side of a road and reduce the amount of tire wear.

When to See a Technician About a Suspension or Steering Problem

If your steering and suspension are not working properly, you can end up having quite a bumpy ride. At the first sign of trouble, you need to take your car into the mechanic for an auto suspension service in Palm Harbor FL. Signs that your car may need this service include vehicle bouncing, hard turning, poor alignment, or uneven tire wear.

Checking the Vehicle

Once you bring in your car to have it checked, the technician will diagnose the problem. During a complete vehicle inspection, all major systems will be assessed, including the suspension and steering. Mechanics check the front and rear ends of a car, the shocks, coil spring, bushings, struts, and CV joints and axles. They also take a look at the wheel bearings, differential, power steering, and power steering fluid.

Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule

After determining the cause of the problem, a technician will review your steering and suspension options. He will tell you what needs to be repaired to maintain a safe and smooth ride. If you regularly maintain your vehicle, you can significantly reduce the possibility of needing an auto suspension service or repair. That means having routine tire rotations and an axle fluid exchange. You also want to have routine parts and fluid inspections, coolant fluid exchanges, filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and transmission fluid exchanges. Contact Teddy Bear’s Auto Parts & Salvage Inc. for more information.

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