What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Metal Fabricator

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Custom metal fabrication in Fort Collins CO simply means that someone needs a very specific project finished that is tailored specifically for their needs. It can also mean that that they may require a unique piece that they want only for themselves. Custom fabrication can be done for one piece up to 100 to 2500 pieces at a time. This could be anything from the most delicate of metal decorations up to and including steel beams for construction purposes. A myriad of tools and equipment are used to roll, bend, cut, and join metal into tortured and complicated shapes. There are times when a project might call for a special type of metal, so metallurgy can even be needed to determine what is the proper metal for that job.

Primary Custom Fabrication Processes

There are three ways to manipulate the metal into what is required: cutting it into the proper sizes and shapes, bending it or manipulating it in some other way to form it, and then putting all the pieces together into a finished project.

• Cutting metal can be accomplished in a variety of ways including scissors like aviation snips, industrial metal saws, lasers, and punches.

• To create the shapes necessary, the metal can be “cold” rolled, which is where curves and cylinders are created. There is also press braking which is when pressure is exerted against the metal on both sides at the same time to create a shape.

• When all the pieces of a project are finished, it is time to put them together by joining them. For example, a silo has a body that is a cylinder, a dome top, and an access ladder. Assembly is also going to require welding along with various other techniques.

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