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What Is Smoke Aviation Fluid Made Of?

What Is Smoke Aviation Fluid Made Of? Posted on March 21, 2018

If you’ve ever looked up at the sky during an aerobatic air show, you’re probably familiar with the long trail of thick white smoke that follows the plane. Many people believe this is a result of burning fuel and the air or that it relies on a form of pyrotechnics, but that’s not exactly true. This smoke is made with a specialized device using mineral oil. It has been used since the old glory days that made up the beginning of aviation. An aviation smoke oil distributor provides the fuel that paints this beautiful picture in the sky.

How Does It Work?

This smoke is made by adding this special oil to the hot exhaust nozzles or the exhaust fumes of the plane. The oil vaporizes instantly and provides a cloud of thick smoke. In some cases, this may also be done using a generator with an external power supply system. Multi-nozzle systems can be used to provide a larger visual experience. Burning oil in the combustion chamber would be an alternative, but the smoke would be black instead of the white we are accustomed to.

History of Smoke Aviation Fluid

A smoke effect was first showcased back in 1957 during a performance by the Black Cats. Skywriting came before it and was quite popular in the 30s and 40s. Nowadays this is a bit of a lost art and quite difficult to become skilled in. A more modern option is called skytyping, and it involves the use of around six planes which fly parallel and a computer emits the smoke into the air to show a message.

Reasons for Smoke Aviation

While smoke can add a layer of style to any aerobatic maneuver, that’s not the only reason it exists. The smoke also makes things safer for those in the area. The smoke shows you where a plane is and where it is going. In addition, the pilots can more easily determine where other planes are in the air to avoid problems when passing nearby.

Aviation Smoke Oil Distributor

At Jack Becker, we provide just what you need to handle all your aviation aerobatic needs. We work with those in Northern Florida, Southern Georgia, and Southeastern Alabama. We can provide equipment, training, and supplies to you through various delivery methods. To learn more, you can reach our office at 800-488-8411.

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