What You Should Know About Bail Bonds Service In Stamford, CT

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

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In Connecticut, criminal defendants are required to attend an arraignment in which they are charged formally. During the arraignment, the judge identifies the bail value assigned to the defendant. If the defendant is unable to pay the full balance, a bail bond is available. A local bail bondsman offers bail bonds service in Stamford CT for all eligible defendants.

Determining the Price for the Bail Bond

The bail bondsman calculates the total price of the bail bond by multiplying their required percentage by the total value of the bail. The standard rates range between ten and fourteen percent of the total bail bond.

Choosing Collateral for the Bail Bond

Collateral used to secure bail bonds includes real estate, automobiles, and jewelry. Some bail bondsmen accept a transfer of a savings account or certificate of deposit account. The defendant or their representative must provide a title, deed, or document that verifies their ownership of the collateral.

What Defendants Should Know

The defendant must understand that the terms of their release must be followed exactly as explained by the court. Any failure to follow the terms could lead to an additional arrest. The terms are often associated with the charge applied to the defendant. For example, some courts may require the defendant to refrain from consuming alcohol or using controlled substances. The provisions could also include refraining from visiting victims identified in the case.

The Repercussions of a Revoked Bond

If the defendant doesn’t appear in court as expected, the judge can sign a bench warrant for their arrest. At which time, the bail bond is revoked and no longer valid. In some jurisdictions, the defendant isn’t eligible for bail due to flight risk. All collateral used to secure the bail bond is seized by the bail bondsman.

In Connecticut, criminal defendants are eligible for bail could secure a bail bond to get released from jail. The process involves payment or access to collateral to secure the bail bond. The value required for the bail bond is identified by a bail bondsman. Criminal defendants who need to learn more about Bail Bonds Service in Stamford CT are encouraged to contact Aces Bail Bonds Inc. right now.

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