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When to Hire Professional Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut

When to Hire Professional Tree Removal in Fairfield, Connecticut Posted on April 8, 2020

Whether you planted the tree yourself decades ago or it was already there when you moved in, there are certain signs you need to know about that will tell you it is at the end of its life. Ideally, trees will provide shade, climbing opportunities, and property aesthetics for decades, but there are certain conditions and situations that can cause problems. Once you notice them, you cannot wait to call on a professional tree removal service as a tree can quickly become a hazard to your health and your property.

Leaning Trees

A tree that suddenly begins to lean is a serious problem. Some trees lean naturally due to conditions caused when they were saplings or the characteristics of their species, but a sudden lean is not good by any means. This may be a sign that the entire tree is dead or dying and may soon fall over. In general, a lean of more than 15% from vertical is a sign that you need tree removal in Fairfield, Connecticut. Companies such as will do this quickly and at a cost-effective rate to ensure that your home, lawn, and family are safe. If you notice a sudden or extreme lean, you need to call for help immediately as this may indicate a breakage or weakening in the roots.

Visibly Damaged or Decaying Roots

Often, tree roots tend to stick up above the ground near the base of a large tree, and they are generally considered by children to be fun to navigate and map. If you notice obvious damage or signs of decay in the exposed roots, it is an indication that your tree is not in good health. Call on a professional tree removal service in Fairfield, Connecticut for the moment you notice this sign as the decay or damage is not likely to be exclusive to where you can see it. Be sure to stop any children from playing on or near the tree for their safety once you notice this, and the professionals will get to work quickly.

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