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When to Purchase Used Cars for Sale

When to Purchase Used Cars for Sale Posted on January 13, 2021

Most savvy car buyers in the Moorestown area know that car dealerships tend to move current year model vehicles still on the lot when the new models are arriving. However, when it comes to buying used cars for sale, there is not the same rush to get older vehicles off the lot.

There are some ideal times to consider shopping for used cars for sale in Moorestown. These times are often staggered throughout the year, which makes it easy to pick up a great car, truck, or SUV at a very low price.

High Trade-In Times

High purchase times for new vehicles, including in the spring and in the fall, are often great times to pick up specials on used vehicles. Many dealerships have excess inventory in their used cars for sale in Moorestown, and they are willing to accept lower negotiated prices than when they have limited used car inventory.

During Promotions

All of the top dealerships in and around Moorestown run manufacturer’s specials and promotions as well as their own sales. Shopping for used vehicles during these promotions may allow you to find great deals on certified pre-owned vehicles.

The advantage of a certified pre-owned vehicle over the used car inventory is the newer year model and low mileage of certified pre-owned cars. In addition, they are completely inspected and come with a warranty and roadside assistance.

In essence, these certified pre-owned used vehicles are like a new vehicle, and they qualify for dealer financing for most buyers.

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