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Often, when a person has been involved in some sort of accident he or she will try to settle their claim independently; in many cases the individual soon realizes that the claim is going nowhere. It is not rare for complications to arise and insurance companies are notorious for refusing to make any kind of serious offer of compensation or the insurance doesn’t take you serious. When this happens, Chicago personal injury attorneys are available to assist and they should be consulted.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider engaging the services of an attorney.

Too much to handle:

When the process first starts, making a claim for damages that are the result of an accident or injury case might appear to be a rather straight forward affair and you see no valid reason why the insurance company will not agree with your point of view. In many cases it does not take long for the injured party to realize that this self-claim route is ending up to be far more complicated than you first envisioned or the claim that you are making is too big without legal representation.

It may be that you sustained injuries so severe that you will be permanently disabled. If this is the case the claim will invariably be of magnitude. In cases such as this it is well worth paying legal fees to have Chicago personal injury attorneys work towards maximizing your compensation.

Even if the claim is not that big you may quickly realize that you are simply uncomfortable dealing in things where you know you lack expertise. Having personal injury attorneys will certainly take that burden off your shoulders, eliminating the stress and in most cases, result in a considerably larger settlement.


It is not unknown for a claimant to self represent and actually do a pretty good job of it, but even at that he or she still needs an attorney. This will happen when the insurance company refuses to make what you believe is a fair offer of compensation. If the insurance company offers only a token settlement, a monetary amount that you feel is unfair under the circumstances then you should consult with personal injury attorneys in Chicago. Although you will have legal fees to contend with in the greatest majority of cases the fees will be more than offset by the award the attorney can get for you.

There are many other reasons why attorneys for personal injury cases can be important, insurance companies are notorious for denying that they are liable and only a seasoned attorney can get the claim settled to your satisfaction. To know more visit Shea Law Group online.

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