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Why Brushed Travertine Tiles?

Why Brushed Travertine Tiles? Posted on January 28, 2015

When going through any renovation you want everything to look just right without breaking your bank account. Well that is possible; do not get discouraged with all the selections to choose from. The first thing you want to plan out is what material you want to use for your project. One option would be to use Brushed Travertine Tiles. They come in an array of colors and shades that will compliment any design.

The Benefits of Brushed Travertine Tiles

These beautiful tiles come in so many different styles, shades and looks. When using brushed travertine tiles you can pick the one that looks right for your space! They come in different shades, and offer unique characteristics on each tile. No two tiles will be identical. Because travertine comes from a quarry, they can be made up of different stones or all the same stone, depending on size and amount of tile in the color you chose. Most likely, you will be getting tiles from many different slabs that all look similar in color and style. So each brushed travertine  tile floor is different and unique!


Brushed travertine tiles not only look great in any room, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. You should use a dust mop on floors frequently and clean with a neutral PH cleaner or stone soap. It’s very easy to maintain your travertine floor tile with all the right steps taken!

Do’s and Don’ts for cleaning stone floors:

-DO dust mop stone floors frequently/daily if needed
-DO clean stone floors with a neutral pH cleaner or stone soap
-DO thoroughly rinse and dry the floor after mopping
-DO blot up spills immediately to prevent staining
-DON’T use vinegar or others acid cleaners on stone floors
-DON’T use cleaners like bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or tub & tile cleaners (they may contain acid and may damage the stone
-DON’T use abrasive cleaners


Purchasing brushed travertine tiles will not break your bank account, you can get some of the most amazing deals. Just because something is the best or looks amazing, does not mean that you always have to break your budget when buying it. Getting tile like  this at a discount is a great thing because it gives your home a pricy look of elegance and class without hurting your bottom line.


These tiles can be used for any indoor or outdoor application. They look great in any kitchen, bath, living room, dinning room and patio. They offer that old world charm feel to any space and offer many shades and colors to choose from!

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