Natural Wallcoverings Enhance the Looks of Homes and Offices

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home Improvement

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We believe at Wolf-Gordon that today’s natural wallcoverings are ideal additions to any home or office, not only because they are sustainable, but because they offer benefits in terms of health, beauty and aesthetics too.

Some of the Styles and Materials

Natural wallcoverings represent such materials as cork, organics, silk, linen, and grass cloth wallcoverings. When people think of a natural wallcovering, we find they generally think of grass cloth coverings and cork wallcoverings first.

In particular, the grass cloth type wallpapers are synonymous with the word “natural.” Grasses, such as jute, which is also used for ropes, possess a very strong and durable fiber. That is why, when you are looking at natural wallcoverings to apply to your own walls, you should carefully scrutinize the types of natural materials being used.

What Kind of Wallcovering Do You Need?

Think about the purpose of the wallcovering and where it will be applied. Will it be used in an area of the home that needs a bit of sound-proofing. How about the heating and cooling costs? For example, you may want to install a wallcovering, like cork, if you want to absorb the heat or cold is generated in some areas of your living space.

We at Wolf-Gordon feel that our natural wallcoverings not only possess materials that are unquestionably strong, they also supply sound insulation and anti-microbial properties. Natural materials for wall coverings, for the most part, serve to lessen the sounds in a home or office, save on energy, and cut down on odors.

A More Pleasant Living Space

So, not only are wallcoverings made of natural materials aesthetically beautiful, they cause the areas in which they are placed to be quieter and more serene. One natural wallcovering that we feature in our specialty line is a silk wallcovering. If you are looking for a natural wallcovering that is also luxurious, then you can’t bypass the rich look of 100% silk. Because its threads are prism-like in their composition, the fabric shimmers in the light.

While our natural wallcoverings are used primarily in the home, we also feature wallcoverings for commercial purposes. Known as contract wallcoverings, most of these coverings are made of vinyl and paper. Our featured commercial products include fabric-backed vinyl, vinyl-coated paper and paper-backed vinyl. Usually, fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings are used most often in commercial properties.

Our commercial vinyl coverings are different than our specialty wallcoverings as they feature natural wallcoverings that highlight an array of interesting materials. Cork, mica, grasscloth, and linen are featured in our line of natural materials. Textile wall coverings are another offering. The coverings feature high performance synthetic materials made of olefin, polyester and rayon, all laminated to acrylic backings and treated with stain-resistant solvents. The wallcoverings in this line meet the requirements for fire resistance or cracking.

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